a kadazan girl in the peninsula

a kadazan girl in the peninsula

by Angel Elcy

Hey guys, I’m Angel from Sabah, which is also known as The Land Below the Wind. A Kadazan girl that’s currently staying in Kuala Lumpur for now. Why did I come so far to KL? Well if I may answer it, most probably because of working purposes. Now that I think about it, I’m actually not sure if coming here was the right choice. I should have just stayed back home and would have been able to find a decent job anyway. That’s what people keep saying about this situation. I went to pastry school, so just any type of job won’t do for me as I’d like to explore this field deeper.

Being away from home made me realise how hard it is to earn a living—let alone in a city like Kuala Lumpur. Since I’m no longer a student I’ve switched to survival mode because there is no more special treatment given to you. I realised that I had to start from zero. If I stayed home though, I would get nowhere.

As a working adult, I thought I could finally help my parents out but truth is, we’re now helping each other. I’m aware that I miss my home and family, I am unable to be a part of their days, plus my little sister is growing up so fast and sadly I’m missing that too. But I’m grateful that everyone is healthy and doing great back home.

At first, the plan was to work under my senior at a hotel, because I wanted to learn more from him but it didn’t end well– maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. It was so unfortunate, but it can’t be helped. After a few days on the lookout for jobs, I finally found one, it was at a café. It was a very odd choice at an odd place but it is where I decided to start to find my way again, slowly but steadily.

There is a reason why I thought about working at a café—I’ve always had this thought at the back of my mind that I wanted to open an amazing café in my hometown, my very own business. This requires a lot of experience and money, so I stepped out of my comfort zone with this thought accompanying me and that’s what brought me to Kuala Lumpur. Although I expected myself to work my way up in the hotel field, maybe it’s just not my time right now. I don’t know about the future but for now, I believe I can work my way up, be it in a hotel or café. I’m down for all those experiences.

Besides all that, there are so many differences here compare to my hometown. Especially the food (for sure), the vibes and lifestyle. Even if they have the same type of food here, it doesn’t taste like home. Plus, KL doesn’t have certain types of fruits like we do, for example bambangan (texture a bit like mango) and timadang, this is our all time favourite. If you visit Sabah, be sure to try some of these food, of course there are plenty of other choices for you to indulge yourself in.

Home will always have a special place in my heart, same goes to everyone. Although I faced a bunch of hurdles that life threw at me, at the end of the day, I chose how I want to respond to it. Let it break you to your core or you get back up and show them what you’ve got. When there is a time where you feel helpless, know that there’s always a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand.

I don’t know how far the future is for my hand to reach let alone what’s ahead of me, but it is even more interesting to not know right? Until then, I’ll sit back and enjoy my ride.

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