by Azfah Zakaria

Kasih‘ is part of Usul– a collection of art aimed to explore the relationship between visual arts and emotions. The vision was to visualise and paint niche emotions. With every single art piece, I specify an emotion in my head and mentally visualise it; I then try to transfer it onto paper with my brush. This was all done with watercolour, rice paper and Chinese calligraphic brushes.

A common emotion that almost all of us have experienced is love. Hence, the title ‘Kasih‘ which means love in Bahasa Melayu.

Kasih terbentuk melingkupi keikhlasan niat. Sekiranya perhubungan itu suatu perbicaraan, mengapakah hanya seorang yang berbicara?

In this text, the whole notion concerns romance. The first line signifies the fundamentals of what builds a long lasting and healthy relationship which is intention (innocence) — one is ought to be selfless when it comes to love. The second line provides us with an analogy that love is a conversation. In a conversation, there has to be more than one party that is actively participating. The text ends with a rhetorical question indicating that the ‘conversation’ seems to be one-sided.

Relatability is the prime aspect of what makes us as a society feel like we belong with each other. With my art, I aspire to find common meanings that we all share together so I could prove that we are more or less the same with each other. Unreciprocated love is something many of us silently struggle with. Dimming passion, relationship hiccups and rejection.

I believe that abstract art is the best way to capture these emotions. There’s no one way to absolutely define it. However, it’s not necessarily incomprehensible either. What does ‘kasih‘ mean to you?


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