about us.

‘saya.’ magazine is a bi-annual publication that seeks to explore the different faces and facets of the word– saya.

‘saya.’ is what you define it to be. ‘saya.’ is inspired by the search and claim of selfhood in a heavily saturated world. By looking at apartments from afar and wondering about the people that live in them. We believe that ‘saya.’ is a strong element of society and that every ‘saya.’ helps form humanity.

What is ‘saya.’? For starters, it’s up to our readers. We want you to tell us. The concept of ‘saya.’ itself is such an abstract that it really is up to people’s interpretations.

‘saya.’ is driven by people doing what people do. ‘saya.’ is you and I. The past, present and future. It’s who you were, who you are, and who you want to be.

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