submission guidelines

The range of topics in ‘saya.‘ magazine are a purposely made grey area in order to give room to interpretation. While the general gist of the publication involves the exploration of identity, we greatly encourage contributions of works that discuss social, cultural or political issues that grace (or plague) society. In fact, it would be even better if these discussions tied hand-in-hand with the topic of identity. Contributors are also encouraged to use theories and tenants of social science as an aid in their story-telling.

written work

Contributors that wish to submit written work are able to submit nonfiction, fiction and poetry– regardless of language, age, gender, race, or anything else that may set you apart. ‘saya.‘ welcomes everyone.


Nonfiction submissions include personal essays of lived experiences, opinions on certain matters or other similar bodies of work. We trust contributors that all submissions are researched to their best ability and do not include false statistics, for example. Submissions can range between 300-2,500 words.


The word range for fiction is 300-2,500.


Only a maximum of 5 poetry submissions are ideal. Not every poem will be run in the magazine as the poem(s) chosen according to relevance. All forms of poetry are welcomed, no matter how unconventional.

Submissions must be original. When we accept your submission, we will send an email of confirmation and keep you involved in what we plan to do with your body of work. Any and all questions are welcomed and we would love to tag along your creative process. The journey towards the final product can be a lonely one, but we’ll be here every step of the way!

photography & artwork

Photography submissions are limited to 3 pictures (assuming that three pictures take up three pages). However, if you don’t mind cramming in more than one photo in a page, an unlimited amount of photos are welcomed! This is completely up to you– deciding how to arrange the photos in a way that tells your story best. Accompanying texts describing your work are required. Artwork submissions are accepted similarly.


‘saya.’ magazine will be a print magazine, therefore, submitting work would mean giving permission to reprint the content in our copies. 

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