saya. magazine is an independent publication that seeks to explore human thoughts, social science and selfhood.  Inspired by looking at apartment windows from afar, we believe that every person, every ‘saya’, makes up the essence of humanity and that every ‘saya’ is important, which is why we believe that every voice deserves to be put forward.

We want to be a safe space for everyone to share their brain-children. Our topics of interest range from anything under the umbrella of social science and the one thing we have in common—being human! Our humble publication was founded by Maira Zamri in early 2019 and since then, we’ve published works on our website that were submitted by talented writers and artists. Since then, the saya. family has grown bigger and we’d like to introduce ourselves to you!

Hi, I’m Maira! ☺. I’m a writer and I feel like I’ve always been one since I was a child. I like to think of it as my calling. I like hanging out with my friends, going to gigs, catching art exhibitions around town and spending lazy days at home having existential crises. My favourite quote ever is Rumi’s “Look past your thoughts so you may enjoy the pure nectar of this moment”.

I founded saya. in 2019 during a hard time in my life. I felt like my feelings weren’t being validated by the people around me and there was such a strong feeling of my heart not being truly heard. That’s when saya. was born. I felt the need to give people a chance for their feelings to be heard, their art to be appreciated and for knowledge to be shared. My love for social science, writing and magazines naturally just moulded itself into saya. I hope it does for you what it was meant to do. 


Hi I’m Maisarah, a lover of the sky during the day and night but too afraid to stay out due to all the criminal issues that our folks have warned us about and nurtured us with. You’re more likely to find me indoors instead, posting on Instagram of the times I paint my face. I’m also per-fervid towards historical and medical related dramas as my ambition was once to be an M.D but fate had different plans for me. My forte is journalism now!

I’ve always lived thinking that the world only revolves around me that I’m the only protagonist of whatever game the world is playing, but as I grow up and my connection has grown bigger I realised that each of us matter, each of us has stories to tell, and each of us is the protagonist of their own film. That’s why I’m here with saya. To connect and understand the beautiful complexity and exclusivity of an individual. 


Hi, this is Li Yi. I am 24 this year and currently working a day job. I love everything old and vintage ranging from history (hi, anyone wanna talk about China modern history??) to fashion. I also love films with heavy plots that screw me up emotionally… I mean, films that touch my heart. During my free time, I cook, draw, meet my friends, watch films, come up with ideas for creative projects, talk about my cat (@nunithenugget HEHE) and spend A LOT of time on Instagram. Lastly, I love soggy fries from McD.



Hello, I’m Maryam. I’m turning 23 this year. I’m currently a university student studying English Language and Literature, I’m also minoring in Political Science.

As a kid I’ve always been drawn to music. I got my first ever keyboard when I was 4 and I used the same keyboard until I was 20. Then I bought a new one that I bring with me whenever I perform. The point that I’m trying to make is I love music though I won’t say that I’m any good at it. Music, to me, has an effect that I don’t get from other things.